Top Ten Reasons for Virat Kohli’s Success

What are the secrets of Virat Kohli’s success? If you’re like most people, you probably think  Virat Kohli’s success is the result of hard work and discipline. Does that mean Virat Kohli is not talented? Not a genius? Virat Kohli know exactly where the ball is. He knows where the ball will go. He knows the right time and the right angle to bat it. No doubt that kind of knowledge only comes after years of experience and thousands of hours of practice. But more than hard work, he  has something else. Let us analyze what is that?

Here are top ten reasons why he is successful and clicks as a best cricketer in the world.

#1. He learned from his mistakes. Every time all the problems that he faced he used them as lessons as a stepping stone for more success. He continuously improve his game day-by-day.

#2. Fitness: He is one of the most fit players in Cricket World.

#3. Perfect hand, eye, brain coordination: Hand-eye coordination is the ability to track the movements of the hands with the eyes, thus enabling the eyes to send important signals to the brain about hand movement.

#4. Passion: Virat Kohli is passionate about Cricket. He is more passionate than a lot of Cricketers. He wants to win and does not want to lose. He is not scared to show emotions on field. That makes Virat a better player.

#5. Strong mental attitude: Virat Kohli doesn’t want people to see him weak. He wants him to be remembered as someone who is strong and unstoppable. A cricketer willing to die for winning. That makes Virat Kohli successful. He has a lot of belief in his own abilities and he is ready to take on whatever challenge that is thrown at him.

#6.  Dedication: His dedication to excel makes him successful. Virat Kohli takes his training sessions seriously to push his limits. He never shies away from hard work. He has his training sessions almost everyday. He knows that he has to do them to stay successful.

#7.  Workout & Physique: One of the major reasons for Virat’s success is his physique and fitness.

#8. Strict diet plan: He maintains a strict diet plan and sticks to it. He is committed to succeed and never goes off diet.

#9. Team spirit: He always, always puts the team’s needs above his own glory.

#10. Powerful Self-talk:  Virat Kohli always gives himself encouraging pep-talks. Selftalk can have a great impact on your confidence. It is a form of self-induced suggestion in which he guides his own thoughts, feelings, or behavior.

Virat Kohli is now a cricketing legend of the world. He is completely focused on his success.

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